A good watch tells you the accurate time. A great watch accompanies you for a lifetime. While this holds true for premium Swiss watches, it is always recommended that you service and maintain your watches on a regular basis.

For the past decade, we have continuously provided an extensive range of services tailored to the needs of our customers. From strap replacements to detailed repairs, every job is equally important to us because our customer’s concerns are our concerns.
Through the years, our team of expert in-house watchmakers have prolonged the lifespan of countless watches through their delicate and skilful touch. Our aim is simple – to give you an accurate watch that lasts you a lifetime. And that’s why our customers trust us with the care of their precious timepieces.
All our watches come with complimentary 6 to 12 months of maintenance and servicing.
Quartz / Mechanical
HKD 2,200
HKD 2,800
HKD 3,800
HKD 4,500+
Battery Replacement 
HKD 200+





Memory Watches collects timeless watches from different parts of the world and ships them to Hong Kong. As a licensed watch dealer, you can be assured the branded watches are genuine. Together with our certified repairing services, Memory Watches is a one-stop dealer for all watch lovers.